Students at Sound Endeavors pay a tuition-style flat monthly rate that never changes. Payment is made at the last normally scheduled session of each month to reserve space for the next month. If payment is not received by that time, and no arrangements have been made with Dr. Smoot, it is assumed that the student is discontinuing study and that the time slot is available for another student. Lessons are scheduled to occur at the same time weekly and students forfeit their times if they cancel or are absent. No refunds will be made and lessons are not credited. Please note that Sound Endeavors has a no make-up lesson policy and student vacation days are not made up. Sound Endeavors is closed on the following holidays: Xmas, New Years, and July 4th. Additionally, Sound Endeavors is closed for a two week vacation period each year, but in return students receive two extra lessons during five week months at no additional charge. Rates and this teaching policy are subject to change at any time.


NOTE: We try to work cooperatively with students and families when extraordinary situations occur.